Proper decision making depends on solid information that meets the various regulatory requirements therefore provide auditing services oriented to validate financial information for use by company executives, boards of directors, investors, credit institutions and any other interested party.

Our audit services are provided under the highest standards of quality and integrity, in strict compliance with professional standards issued national and international bodies that regulate this activity

Our services include:

Audit of Financial Statements

The purpose of an audit of financial statements is to examine the financial information and reports issued by management companies thus establishing the integrity and validity of them. In our firm, our methodology not only ensures the fairness of such information, but it also allows us to recommend operational measures, in accounting and tax matters that benefit their organization.

Tax opinion

This opinion covers the performance of selective tests, checks, statements and specific revisions necessary to examine the fiscal situation of the company, its implementation complies with the provisions of the Tax Code of the Federation and its regulations, and other laws that impose burdens on taxpayers.

The usefulness of the prosecutor, both for the authorities and taxpayers, is based on the greater scope and approach for tax purposes, the Certified Public Accountant Registered with the General Administration of Federal Tax Audit, gives the review of financial statements.

In our firm we have registered for the issuance of this opinion, committed to offering services under the highest standards of excellence, integrity, extensive technical knowledge and professional experience counters.

Due Diligence "Due Diligence"

Also known as purchase audit, it is to carry out an analysis of financial, tax and operational aspects of the business you want to sell or you want to invest.

Our specialists assist you in evaluating each of the aspects to be evaluated in this analysis, such as:

  • a. Reported income support
  • b. Seasonality Sales
  • c. Inflating profits
  • d. Provisions for liabilities
  • e. Taxes
  • f. Contracts and long-term commitments
  • g. Difference in accounting principles
Registered auditors to adjudicate federal taxes, fees to the IMSS, INFONAVIT and local contributions.

Evaluation of Internal Control

Currently financial reporting and information technology are increasingly complex in the business world. This increases the need to rely on the information produced by the systems that produce and related business processes that support them. Therefore, it is necessary to have strong internal controls (manual and automated) to ensure the integrity of information processed.

Our group of specialists have extensive knowledge and experience evaluating and implementing automated and manual controls that allow you to have reliable financial reports.

Opinion for the purposes of IMSS and INFONAVIT

Our firm has public accountants registered with the IMSS and INFONAVIT with the necessary knowledge and experience in the review and issuance of the opinion regarding the fulfillment of obligations that the Social Security Act (LSS) and the Law of INFONAVIT and its Regulations impose patterns, which gives our customers the assurance and confidence that are in the proper performance of its obligations regarding social security.

Opinion local contributions

We review and issue the opinion on the compliance with tax obligations relating to the contributions that each of our country states impose on companies for the different activities carried out in their territories. Among others, we issued our opinion in relation to the following taxes:

  • a. Property tax
  • b. Payroll Tax
  • c. Lodging
  • d. Public shows

Special reviews:

Reports on previously agreed procedures.
Reports procedures assurance standards.
Accounting and tax diagnoses.
Accounting supervision.
Tax preparation annexes.
Restatement of financial statements.
Translation of financial statements.
Clearance of accounts.
Tonnages portfolio.
Physical inventories of materials and fixed assets.

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