Accounting and administration

Our firm offers you Accounting and Management that are intended to meet the needs in accounting, tax and administrative matters of the Company.

Our solutions are tailored to the specific characteristics of their organization, becoming an extension of your own company, allowing him to devote his time to activities that generate income with confidence Leave in the hands of our expert part or all of the area functions administrative, Financial and Accounting your Business.

The benefits you can get from our accounting and Administration are:

  • You can concentrate on Your Business Productive Activities in the "Core Business" Company of his.
  • Reduction and Simplification of accounting and administrative structure of the Organization, Saving significantly fixed costs of having an internal accounting department.
  • Generation of accounting, financial and managerial accurate and timely.

Among others, our services include:

Using tax domicile and commercial

Our company staff is responsible for the management of your mail, parcel and notifications received from the tax authorities.

Business legal representation Treasury Management

We carry formalities necessary for your business to be in March and / or announcements of changes that must be made by the legal representative or agent of the company.

Treasury Management

We handle Wear Cape's own treasury area Tasks son as managing accounts payable and receivable, obtaining financing, among others.

Development of Accounting Records

Daily we process your organization Accounting Transactions Under mandatory regulations that will sea a do Business. Similarly, for we can perform its accounting records Under the regulations that would Required sea for its corporate (NIF, IFRS, ASC, etc.)

Compliance with federal tax obligations and Local Tax

Safeguard the proper fulfillment of tax obligations by supporting them with adequate, formulation and presentation of statements and reports to local and federal tax authorities determination.

Accountants active partners of the College of Public Accountants of Mexico, A.C. and certified by the Mexican Institute of Public Accountants
Accountants active partners the Mexican Association of Public Accountants of Mexico, A.C.

Definition of accounting policies and internal control

We support you with the design of control policies to ensure the proper functioning of the administration of your organization.

Issuing periodic reports in accordance with the needs of your business

Formulate financial and accounting reports to provide accurate and timely information for proper decision-making, whether these are designed by our specialists or, where applicable, we develop those required by the corporate in your organization.

Payroll processing and

We process the payroll of your organization, we issue reports that are required by the management company to manage it.

We give them access to the internet portal for consultation receipts.

We conduct full compliance with labor obligations, tax and social security, derived from payroll processing.

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